For value, reliability and simplicity then deal with Microsoft direct and get better IT for your business. Office 365 is a self service selection of the latest offerings where you pay per person, per month in a £2 to £15 range. We check it is right for you, help you move and connect it to your other systems. Join a simple world where your services are always available and will never need an upgrade. It’s what IT for business should have always been about, get all of the benefits with none of the headaches.

All of your favourite desktop software is supplied with the most up to date Outlook, Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc. All of the mail is delivered directly over the web so there are no servers to rely upon. All of your data can be stored there too and synchronised with your desktop. No servers means no breakdowns and no cost overhead to maintain hardware or software. The web based approach gives you all the mobility you need to work from anywhere, on any device at any time. Take a closer look. Microsoft make the software so no-one else can deliver it more securely, more reliably or at a lower cost. We can prove it, supported by real life case studies.

Our proven and simple 3 stage approach can get you on board one step at a time.

1. Survey. We show you what it can do and help you see how it could meet your needs. You choose what you like best.

2. Migration.  Planning, preparing and executing a 365 adoption tailored to your requirements, moving mail and data, for some users or all,  staged or ‘big bang’.

3. Adoption.  The best bit. Work as you always have done but more easily, you choose how to exploit the new features and we can help you get the most out of your subscription.

To find out if it’s right for you then checkout the 365 Q & A page or get in touch via the ‘About Us’ page.