After the migration there will be a period of bedding in as users become familiar with the extra features and learn to experience the new possibilities. The early days are important to the success of a project so we like to be on-site as it gives us a chance to help users first hand who may not have taken part in the trial. In any event the global success of 365 has ensured that there is plenty of community support for any requirement with ‘how can I do this best’. When the user base is comfortable then it is a good time to look at the new opportunities that can help a business collaborate with Partners and Clients more effectively and get the most out of 365.

1. Integration

Use services as normal (Benefit from improved user interface and extra features)
Use training and help services (Learn how to make the most from the new services)
Use support arrangements (Discuss options and service tailoring)

2. Experience

Remove old practices (Adopt different processes now available with the new services)
Refine existing processes (Spot new ways to do things to improve your day)
Recognise opportunities (Identify features that will improve business capability)

3. Exploitation

Adapt new facilities (Tune the new services to go beyond expectations)
Adapt existing processes (Use new ways of working with clients and partners)
Adapt to new opportunities (Align the best aspects of the system to benefit new ways of working)