Owners and occupiers seek to engage high quality skills from efficient sector specialists, backed up by innovative solutions which are accurate and reflect good attention to detail. The ongoing delivery of a consistent level of quality by all the professionals on the team, whether internal or partner specialists, can be maintained when all activities are supported by responsive IT systems that are easy to use and can be accessed from anywhere. Examples of some Office/365 feature usage across Agency services would include;

Rent reviews. Timely attention to all activities is vital if growth opportunities are to be exploited and cash flow maximised. Combining the task management and team collaboration features of Sharepoint allows everyone clear insight into progress and performance.

Marketing. With fierce competition for potential occupiers the use of attractive and persuasive media is essential when seeking to attract the right tenant. The latest desktop products have easy to use high quality publishing features. These can be combined with an integrated public facing website that can be changed by users without the need for any IT specialists.

Confidentiality. The demise of ‘To be opened by addressee only’ has seen the emergence of ‘Information Rights management’ technology where emails can only be viewed by the recipient and which cannot be forwarded or printed.

Where consistent adoption of these feature types is made using Office/365, then a working practice tone can be set that pursues high operational standards.