Asset Management


In an increasingly complex market, landlords and tenants need expertise to drive performance, protect and enhance income streams and adapt to constantly changing needs.

Successful firms appreciate that good estate management and market awareness are crucial elements in the sound, long term performance of any property. Whilst personal contact needs to be maintained at all times this needs to be able to rely upon accurate and timely information.

Examples of some Office/365 feature usage across Asset Management services would include;

Valuations. Using the Sharepoint 2013 Information store to gather market and comparable evidence so that it can be easily referred to, internally or with clients, without the need to generate large file transfers, is a professional way to complete the exercise.

Building log. Utilising the site mailbox facility provides a single point of contact for all mail and documentation that can be quickly accessed and analysed. Matters do not then get overlooked when team members are offsite, on holiday or absent.

Property or Portfolio Analysis. Connecting the analytical and presentation tools found in the Excel, PowerPoint and Access databases with the SharePoint data store or Property Management system or its OSCRE extract.  Routines can be established to support the identification of cost patterns and opportunities to rationalise lease restructuring.

When emails and documents relating to any building or event can be easily assembled and reported then the opportunity for embarrassing mistakes or compliance faults is reduced.