After the survey, and your decision to adopt 365, then we need to plan the move.  As email is a vital part of day-to-day working we need to get it right first time, whether it is a staged, cutover or co-existence plan. Our experience of the planning and verification stage makes it a seamless experience that we often do out of hours to ease the change. These areas are typically part of the process so you know exactly what to expect and when.

1. Plan

Agree expectations (Project strategy, communications and responsibilities)
Agree proposal (Define requirements, deliverables and costs)
Agree project (Confirm timetable, activities and milestones)

2. Prepare

Inventory of existing systems (Catalogue hardware and software interfaces)
Identify day-to-day procedures (Define current activities to manage risk in a controlled way)
Identify key people (Define stakeholders and project management control)

3. Execute

Configure systems (Subscribe to services and modify, deploy client pre-requisites)
Conduct data migration (Copy emails and data from old to new systems)
Confirm success (Verify user satisfaction with mail, folders, contacts and data integrity)