Property Investment


The reputation of a Firm depends upon the consistent delivery of the right investment advice to clients.

When Professional experience and skills are coupled with effective IT systems then market intelligence can be easily harvested. With access to the right information, at any time, by anyone on the team then powerful insights can be established and the quality of a Firm proven.

Acquisitions. Enabling due diligence searches across lease and contract documentation is easy with SharePoint 2013. This is the content management service used for all cloud file storage that allows any phrase or partial term to be found across any document, email or PDF.

Research. Any information can be stored without the need to create specific folders. In can be recalled using an inbuilt ‘google’ type search or categorised using any business driven criteria such as client, sector, town, occupier etc. Control over content can be automated so it is minimal or process driven to comply with internal working practices.

Disposal. When all relevant documentation or correspondence needs to be identified then central searches across folders or emails can be easily actioned. The assembled documents can be distributed to interested parties via document ‘sites’. These private data rooms can be easily setup by surveyors and shared with any third party with monitored or anonymous access.

Office/365 will connect the team together so that silos of information can be phased out. The ease of working together, from anywhere, improves responsiveness and productivity. Relationships to clients are strengthened when they see how services and presentation are tailored to their account.