Real Estate


Information, Information, Information.

Real Estate firms succeed when their professional knowledge is skilfully applied to a Property issue.

The use of information systems by Surveyors to support their client services is now an essential tool of any practice. Since adoption of the Blackberry in 2005, and iPhone from 2008, the profession has come to terms with the responsiveness demanded by all types of client, from Fund Management Groups, Property companies and individuals through to independent and Group occupiers.

Traditional Email with Outlook remains critical, especially since correspondence no longer passes across the desk of the senior partner and work happens outside the office. It helps keep the team in the communication loop, whilst also building an evidence trail for compliance procedures.

With no shortage of competition between firms offering advice on Property matters, attracting and retaining clients in a more transparent market leaves no room for complacency. Whilst face to face dealings will always be vital, a portfolio of screen, voice and image facilities have been adopted by all sizes of client organisation as part of their day-to-day working practices.

Winning Firms will have in place responsive technology that can deliver professional communications. To keep pace with market best practice then management need complete confidence that their systems will enable them to provide a high standard of service, and let them act with integrity in accordance with RICS standards.

Microsoft decided to build Office/365 so that any size business can always be on the latest technology without any pain, or the need for third parties to organise it for them. Real Estate firms can now stay modern, exploit great value and keep in step with what their clients are adopting.