Your requirements maybe simple or complex. You may already have decided that Office 365 is right for you or have only just started looking. We can help in any scenario and just need to look at what type of service you’d need and understand where you’re coming from. Depending on your situation we would seek to cover the following areas.

1. Concept

Show you what it can do (Demonstrate features aligned to organisation)
See what you need (Gain understanding of relevance)
Suggest how it could work (Present scoped outline scenario of options)

2. Discovery

Look at what you’ve got (Research current business and technical environment)
Learn what you want (Consider appetite for change and capability)
Listen to what you like best (Evaluate hurdles and advantages, define expectations)

3. Trial

Tailor the service to suit you (Define outline and scope in context)
Trial the services you’d like (Submit proof of concept, test pilot working example)
Talk about what worked well (Review success of trial and advantages revealed)